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  • Swami Kamalnayanacharya Nepalese Hindu Spiritual Guru
  • Dr. Chintamani Gautam Mastering the ancient practice of yoga and meditation
  • Accommodation Standard, Panoramic deluxe and Panoramic sweet rooms.

About Pancha Shree Yoga Retreat

Panch Shree Yoga Retreat is quiet, relaxing and rich in nature. It is located in the mountains of Nepal, on the outskirts of Bhaktapur. This retreat is overlooking the Sankhu Valley which is decorated with beautiful mountains around. The mountains exude freshness during the day flaunting their richness of flora & fauna, and at night they are full of lights like a sheet of stars over them. One often comes across exotic birds, varieties of flowers, and lots of butterflies. It is a mini paradise that you can count on to spend a splendid vacation. 

We provide a number of facilities that can heal you from the inside out. Steambath, sauna room, Ayurvedic treatments, Ayurvedic massage, Spa facilities, and luxurious accommodation are just a few of them. We have a big Yogashala, a dedicated space to do yoga in the morning and evening, to keep you healthy & fresh. Don’t worry if you forget to bring your personal yoga mat! We have plenty of them for you to practice. 

Our purpose is to provide you with a healing stay where you can take a pleasant break from your busy routine or from yourself for a while and slip into a healthy yogic lifestyle. The food we provide is extremely nutritious & delicious at the same time, with unlimited herbal tea. 

We have several types of accommodation with varied features. Whether you prefer a basic comfortable room or a luxurious one, it’s totally up to you. The rooms are spacious & have a panoramic view of the nearby valley and the mountains. There are many popular temples around the corner, such as Maha Panch Laxmi Temple, Changu Narayan Temple & Trishul Temple. If you want to hike, then there is good news. There are lots of hiking options around. Nagarkot, an extremely popular place, is one hour walk from the center. We can also arrange a taxi for you if you want to go faster and comfortably.  Tourists visit Nagarkot to see the beautiful sunrise that makes the snow mountains look golden. There are waterfalls, adjoining jungle, good restaurants, and the Himalayas waiting to be explored by you.

The retreat has a very earthy feel in the environment. You may sense the connection with nature. There is a stream passing by the retreat and a small village around. Tuck Shops are within walking distance where you can buy some essentials. All in all, it’s a place where you can have a restful stay. There are many retreat packages with specifications suited to your preferences. There are intense relaxing packages, healing ones, hiking packages & many more. Pancha Shree Yoga Retreat also conducts Yoga Teachers’ Training in case you are aspiring to be a yoga teacher. We have a mini library with good books for you to read.

We welcome you to give yourself a well-needed break. It’s for your well-being and possible incredible experience that we have created this space. 

His Holiness Swami Kamalnayanacharya Shree Ji Maharaj

Born on May 24, 1966, Swami Kamalnayanacharya’s Shree Ji Maharaj, Nepalese Hindu spiritual guru, is known as Swami Kamalnayanacharya, or “Swami” by his devotees. He is known for his humanitarian efforts. He has, for years been promoting Vedic and Puranic knowledge as a means to find spiritual fulfillment. Nepal and India, where pilgrimage is one of the ways to get liberation, has received a lot of contribution from Swami. He has also been associated with several retreat centers in order to create spiritual places for people to immerse into the healing process. He inspires a diverse group of spiritual seekers from all around the world who adore Sri Muktinath (Swami).  

Swami is a spiritual Guru who has been appreciated a lot by people of various faith or religion for his efforts to spread universal spirituality. He is the priest of Muktinath Temple which is a very high position as far as social authority is concerned. Apart of this, due to his charitable contribution in every way to uplift human society and consciousness, he is well known in Nepal. 

Swami’s residence is only  few meters away of the Panch Sri Yoga Retreat. We consider ourselves lucky to be in the purview of his blessings. Half of the retreat’s earnings goes to the charity run by Swami. Hence, by becoming a part of the retreat through your enrolment for any learnings or services here, you also become a contributor to his charitable trust. 

“Swami Kamal Nayan Acharya, the spectacular young Nepali “Sidhi or Yagya Purush” from Muktinath, is also known as “Akhanda Jyoti Baba” since he has accomplished significant Yagyas in his youth. He is a fervent patriot who wishes to alter society from the inside out by his prayers, counsels, and sacrifices. He has held such significant Yagyas throughout Nepal, maintaining Gurukulums, Ved Vidyas-hrams, Medical Service Centers, and, for the first time in Nepal, a Kanya Gurukulum.

He organizes Dhanyachals, Mahasaptas, Vedic Summits, Sant Sammelans, Pancha Laxmi Poojans, and other acts of social and religious value on a regular basis. He was important in the discovery of the Gajendra Moksha Triveni Dham in the area of Nawalparasi. Swami’s desire is to resurrect such major places of devotion that are still unknown in the five religious sectors.

Dr. Chintamani Gautam

Dr. Chintamani was born in Lumbini, Western Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha. He studied Sanskrit literature, Eastern philosophy and astrology, as well as Mantras, Tantra, Puja, and the yogic lifestyle. He traveled to India for his further studies to understand and practice essential yogic ideas and lifestyles. He is well-versed in ancient scriptures and yogic concepts. In Nepal and India, he studied under some of the most renowned Sanskrit academics and swamis. He was a pupil of famous Himalayan Gurus while mastering the ancient practice of yoga and meditation.

He has slowly built an active yoga community all around the world. He continues to share yogic insights via the Nepal Yoga YouTube channel. He is the Founder Member of T.U. Lion’s Blood Transfusion and Research Center in Kathmandu and the Charter President of Lions Club Spiritual. He possesses a depth of knowledge in Eastern philosophy, mantras, tantra, puja, spirituality, and social responsibility. His classes are based on ancient yogic classics including the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

He creates workshops and activities that offer important insights and a spiritually rich setting for self-realization. Nepal Yoga Academy has successfully graduated over 1000 students from all over the world. Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar, India, conferred on him a Ph.D. (Doctorate) in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science in 2011. Dr. Ramvaran Yadav, the President of Nepal, awarded him the Nepal Vidyabhushan ‘KA’ in 2012. Various educational institutions, governmental agencies, and social groups in India recognized him for his contributions.

Dr. Chintamani has extensive expertise and experience in Yoga and yogic philosophy, as well as courses on Asana, Pranayama, yogic lifestyle, memory enhancement, and personality development. Stress Management Speeches, Peace, Health, Social Responsibility, and Life Balance Discussions Mantra chanting and lectures, as well as youth skill development programs As a real yogi, he has contributed to society and the nation. He has taught yoga to several organizations in order to reduce workplace stress. He motivates people to be more humanitarian and raises environmental awareness.

He has been recognized in several media venues for his work on yoga and yoga philosophy, including Janata Television and BBC World News.


Our retreat package offers accommodation in natural and beautiful surroundings. With four options, which are, Bamboo cottages, Standard rooms, Panoramic deluxe rooms and Panoramic sweet rooms, you can choose the most preferable room for yourself.  The outside view from the rooms is marvelous as it is Sanku valley facing surrounded by mountains. Nothing is as relaxing as floating waves of white clouds over the vast horizon, with shimmering sunlight through it and the lush green trees waving back as the breeze makes its way through them. 

The necessary amenities are provided during your stay including wash & bath towels, comfortable beds with blankets & quilts, hot water in attached western-style bathrooms.  We ensure a comfortable stay for it is part of the pampering.

The cost is per room, so it depends on you whether you want to share it with someone along with you or you want a single one. The price for the four categories of rooms mentioned earlier is different. To know in detail, kindly contact us @ +977 98510 92635 (Dr. Chintamani).

Bamboo Cottage

Spacious Bamboo Cottages that are equipped with all the facilities give such an etheric feel to live in. These are comfortable and pleasing to the eyes and naturally, relax the senses. These cottages have two big separate single beds for your convenience, with thick and cozy bedding/mattress. Our retreat is particular about relaxing stay, hence, we have kept every nitty-gritty in mind for our guests.

These cottages have attached spacious bathrooms. They are equipped with comfortable facilities such as bath & face towels, toiletries and hot/cold shower arrangements. There is a cupboard and a drawer to keep your essentials. Staying in these cottages gives the true essence of organic living along with needed comfort.

Standard Rooms

Packed with all the facilities and perfectly fit for single or double occupying options, these rooms were built with thoughtfulness towards your privacy and relaxation. Standard rooms have two separate big single beds, tables, chairs & study lamps. Not just this, we have kept in mind that you would need a cupboard and rack to keep your essentials.

A Built-in wall-sized window makes it possible to have a panoramic view of the Sanku Valley and the surrounding mountains. We have an option for the attached double bed for you in case you do not want separate ones. There is an attached bathroom which is equipped with facilities such as bath & face towels, toiletries and hot/cold shower arrangements.

Panoramic Deluxe Rooms

These are luxurious rooms with a lot of space and facilities. These big rooms are equipped with racks and cupboards, a double bed, a sofa, chair and table.  There is a tea-making facility as well so that if you like to have tea at your own convenience and time, you will have the arrangement at your hand.

These rooms have attached balconies to enjoy the panoramic view of the Sanku Valley and the mountains surrounding it. The large windows in the room keep it well ventilated. The attached bathroom also has twin-windows ventilation. It is equipped with facilities such as bath & face towels, toiletries, and hot/cold shower options. Panoramic Deluxe Rooms make it possible to have an extra mattress for your children in case you want as there is enough space to accommodate your family comfortably.

Panoramic Sweet Rooms

These are the most luxurious rooms with sofa set, king-sized bed, attached balconies and twin windows ventilated bathroom. There is a dedicated space in these rooms for you to cook if you desire as we provide an induction cooking facility, and also a tea-making set for you. You can have a pleasant personal time by preparing your favourite dishes while enjoying the awesome view outside. There are two attached balconies making these rooms extra-ordinary as you will be able to have a panoramic view of the Sanku Valley and the mountains around.

There are racks and cupboards for you to keep your belongings conveniently and safely. There are tables and chairs as well. The bathroom is quite spacious with toiletries, proper ventilation, hot/cold shower options, face & body towels. If you want to indulge in comfort as well as luxury, then these rooms are perfect for you.

Our Facilities

Jala Neti

It is one of the Shatkarma Processes which cleans the nasal passage making room for effective pranayama. It has the potential to ward off many diseases and allergies related to the head and respiratory system. It leads to the proper functioning of other body processes, hence, it is a primary internal cleansing technique whose effects on the breathing quality can be felt immediately after the first attempt. It cleanses out dust, allergens, mucus, and other foreign bodies resulting in clear & effective breathing.


Pranayama has been coined out of the words - Prana and Ayama, meaning Vital Energy and Dimension, respectively. It is one of the Yogic processes that has innumerable benefits. It increases the lung capacity to absorb Prana Shakti from the environment and boosts your energy. It has positive effects on the nervous system, hence many mental disorders can be prevented through using the Pranayama techniques. It purifies the internal energy channels known as Nadis.

Yoga Practice

Practicing Yoga Asanas or Postures brings body-mind coordination and stability. It brings balance to our life. By making the body healthy, one gets peace of mind too. The whole internal body-mind processes are brought to their highest potential through Yoga. The result is optimum energy along with the capacity to handle this massive energetic space. It makes spirituality a living experience. It makes you feel fresh, motivated, and capable to deal with life situations.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation helps the mind to be directed into the desired internal experience and in this way, one can develop the ability to fix their inner state of being irrespective of what is going on outside. It has a positive influence on the mind which is said to be the most difficult faculty to handle. Meditation gives several medical benefits as a result of its effectiveness. It calms down the mind and aids in releasing the enzymes or hormones that give a sense of bliss.

Ayurvedic Sauna

There are many benefits of Ayurvedic Sauna. It removes toxins from the body, relaxes the stiff muscles, opens the pores, facilitates blood circulation, melts out dried mucus, and releases happy hormones. People going through this process periodically have been found to have better digestion, skin, immune system, healthier organs, and a calmer mind. It relieves muscle pain especially, after doing any intensive physical activity.

Ayurvedic Massage

Applying force to the specific pressure points can release the blockages from the nerves. This helps in proper blood circulation which lets the internal carrier medium supply nutrition effectively to every cell of the body. It is a very workable process to treat insomnia or any sleep disorder. It has a relaxing effect which also is very useful to get rid of stress & anxiety and attain mental balance as well as better physical mobility. It relaxes and mobilizes the stiff muscles.


It is an ayurvedic treatment where a steady stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead aiming at your Ajna Chakra. Shirodhara has proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to calming your nerves. It relaxes you by acting over the nerves in your forehead, eventually resulting in curbing sleep disorders. If you are prone to worries, anxiety, or panic reactions, then this method can help you get rid of them.

Vegetarian nutritious meals

Human intestine is such that vegetarian meals are the most suitable for it to process. It also takes less effort and time for your stomach to digest veg food. The quicker the food gets digested, the better it is. The meals that we provide are not just healthy but also delicious. We provide various types of herbal tea as much as you want and as many times you prefer. Herbal tea helps in digestion, detoxification and satisfies the urge to drink something.

Manicure & pedicure

These are being offered here to pamper you a bit, although, besides the aesthetic aspect, they also have some health benefits. The palms and feet are the places where there are many points that have a direct effect on other parts of your body. By applying pressure to those points helps to regulate blood circulation resulting in better functioning of other internal organs. Manicure and pedicure also prevent skin ailments like fungal infections in your feet and hands.


It is not commonly known that Yoga means ‘Union’. A major part of the population still thinks that yoga is about exercising. It is definitely not this. Yoga enables the highest potentiality of mind, body, emotions and energy. Be it pranayama, or asanas, or mudra, all of these help in calming the mind and bring it to stillness, brings flexibility, strength and balance in the body, gives mastery over emotions & compulsiveness and generates high amounts of energy with the ability to balance it. All this is just a beginning or a preparatory process for the goal that human beings are here – liberation.

Yoga creates the chemistry in us in such a way, that no matter who it is – a Sadhu or a Worldly person, both are assisted in their life goals. It also consists of many valuable teachings to guide us through life. Just imagine a state of our being where our mind is in total control, emotions are exactly the way you want them to be, the body is disease-free and we have an unlimited energy source. What would be the quality of life in the concoct of perfectly aligned tools that we have?

Many people have cured their diseases through yoga and now are free of medicines. The health benefits are innumerable. Yoga itself is multi-dimensional. It depends on us which part of it we want to imbibe in us. It’s a way to liberation, a cure to diseases, an elixir to bring peace & serenity, a tonic to have the sweetest emotions we can ever have, an unlimited source of blissfulness & the provider of ultimate fulfillment. If you are aspiring to experience your life in its highest essence, yoga could prove to be of high worth.