“I have been ignoring my health for many years due to my busy routine. There came a time when I felt absolutely stuck in life, unable to concentrate on work, struggling with difficult life situations & depression, fighting with a few diseases & surviving on medicines. My emotions were intense and at times uncontrollable. I wasn’t too much into yoga before but decided to give it a shot. The difference I saw between the asanas and regular exercise is that asanas are about being in a position for a considerate amount of time, eventually creating stability & balance. Pranayama followed by asanas brings inner as well as external well-being. There is so much more to yoga than I knew. It is a completely different level of lifestyle. However, exercises work at a very superficial level. Just a month of yoga at Panch Sri Yoga Retreat, and I can see the difference in myself. I have become more grounded, healthy & happier.”