Swami Kamalnayanacharya

Born on May 24, 1966, Swami Kamalnayanacharya’s Shree Ji Maharaj, Nepalese Hindu spiritual guru, is known as Swami Kamalnayanacharya, or “Swami” by his devotees. He is known for his humanitarian efforts. He has, for years been promoting Vedic and Puranic knowledge as a means to find spiritual fulfillment. Nepal and India, where pilgrimage is one of the ways to get liberation, has received a lot of contribution from Swami. He has also been associated with several retreat centers in order to create spiritual places for people to immerse into the healing process. He inspires a diverse group of spiritual seekers from all around the world who adore Sri Muktinath (Swami).

Swami is a spiritual Guru who has been appreciated a lot by people of various faith or religion for his efforts to spread universal spirituality. He is the priest of Muktinath Temple which is a very high position as far as social authority is concerned. Apart of this, due to his charitable contribution in every way to uplift human society and consciousness, he is well known in Nepal.

Swami’s residence is only  few meters away of the Panch Sri Yoga Retreat. We consider ourselves lucky to be in the purview of his blessings. Half of the retreat’s earnings goes to the charity run by Swami. Hence, by becoming a part of the retreat through your enrolment for any learnings or services here, you also become a contributor to his charitable trust.

“Swami Kamal Nayan Acharya, the spectacular young Nepali “Sidhi or Yagya Purush” from Muktinath, is also known as “Akhanda Jyoti Baba” since he has accomplished significant Yagyas in his youth. He is a fervent patriot who wishes to alter society from the inside out by his prayers, counsels, and sacrifices. He has held such significant Yagyas throughout Nepal, maintaining Gurukulums, Ved Vidyas-hrams, Medical Service Centers, and, for the first time in Nepal, a Kanya Gurukulum.