Dr. Chintamani was born in Lumbini, Western Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha. He studied Sanskrit literature, Eastern philosophy and astrology, as well as Mantras, Tantra, Puja, and the yogic lifestyle. He traveled to India for his further studies to understand and practice essential yogic ideas and lifestyles. He is well-versed in ancient scriptures and yogic concepts. In Nepal and India, he studied under some of the most renowned Sanskrit academics and swamis. He was a pupil of famous Himalayan Gurus while mastering the ancient practice of yoga and meditation.

He has slowly built an active yoga community all around the world. He continues to share yogic insights via the Nepal Yoga YouTube channel. He is the Founder Member of T.U. Lion’s Blood Transfusion and Research Center in Kathmandu and the Charter President of Lions Club Spiritual. He possesses a depth of knowledge in Eastern philosophy, mantras, tantra, puja, spirituality, and social responsibility. His classes are based on ancient yogic classics including the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

He creates workshops and activities that offer important insights and a spiritually rich setting for self-realization. Nepal Yoga Academy has successfully graduated over 1000 students from all over the world. Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar, India, conferred on him a Ph.D. (Doctorate) in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science in 2011. Dr. Ramvaran Yadav, the President of Nepal, awarded him the Nepal Vidyabhushan ‘KA’ in 2012. Various educational institutions, governmental agencies, and social groups in India recognized him for his contributions.

Dr. Chintamani has extensive expertise and experience in Yoga and yogic philosophy, as well as courses on Asana, Pranayama, yogic lifestyle, memory enhancement, and personality development. Stress Management Speeches, Peace, Health, Social Responsibility, and Life Balance Discussions Mantra chanting and lectures, as well as youth skill development programs As a real yogi, he has contributed to society and the nation. He has taught yoga to several organizations in order to reduce workplace stress. He motivates people to be more humanitarian and raises environmental awareness.

He has been recognized in several media venues for his work on yoga and yoga philosophy, including Janata Television and BBC World News.